Scheduling Directives

Dear Pastor or Coordinator, 

The following is a list of items and information to answer questions as well as to help facilitate your ministry event, conference, revival/crusade, etc. Many of the following are negotiable. “Rise Up Global Ministries” desires to serve, and we are honored to join with you in prayer for a mighty move of God. We will be ready in every way.

Thank you so much for trusting us. Please call if you have any questions at all.  I am also available at all times to you.

Transforming Today’s Students, 
Damian Martinez


(The following is not a contract, but merely a helpful guideline for the upcoming time of ministry.)
Facilitating Travel:

  • Please reserve one hotel room, nonsmoking. If your church provides food for Pastor Damian’s room, he asks that it be fruit, water, and low-fat items. This is merely a suggestion if this practice is used.
  • If traveling by plane, please let us know who will be picking Pastor up at the airport. (A brief description, etc…) The person should hold up a place card in the baggage claim area. This helps to avoid confusion.
  • Pastor Damian always travels with an assistant for integrity purposes. In order to accommodate this we request that the church cover his assistant’s travel expenses including housing and meals. Pastor’s assistant can stay in a home provided, but he does not share a room with Pastor.
  • Pastor Damian does not eat before the service/event as it interferes with preparation and prayer time. However, he would enjoy fellowship after service at a local restaurant.
  • Rise Up Global Ministries requests that an entire schedule of the events be emailed to our office for proper preparation from Rise Up Global office.
  • Provision of transportation, whether rental or church vehicle, is requested during Pastor’s time with you. (Void if driving to crusade with personal vehicle.)
  • Please inform us if it is possible to use approximately 15 youth/young adults volunteers from your church congregation to perform with our ministry interns as part of Pastor’s illustrated sermons. Our students/interns will train prior to services.


Facilitating the Services:

  • Please provide one table in the foyer for CD’s,DVD’s and books. Please provide someone to work the ministry table before and after each service (unless staff are traveling with Pastor).
  • It is very important that Pastor Damian be made aware of the schedule for the service/event (s). He always wants to be time courteous if the need is there.
  • Please provide a prayer team & altar workers to meet with Pastor and the team 15 minutes prior to the service. This helps in moving into a powerful move of the Spirit. These people should be trained leaders (please have name badges if possible.)
  • If possible, please provide a hand held microphone and water during the service.
  • Many times Pastor Damian and his team use videos, PowerPoint, and live drama presentations to express certain points in a message. If at all possible, please have a video projector, DVD player and CD player for use during the service/event.


Financial Information and Obligation:
“Rise Up Global, Inc.”  is a 501c3 corporation. We operate completely as a Faith Based Ministry.

  • Rise Up Global Ministries respectfully requests that love offerings be taken in all services unless this is an honorarium or district event. We ask that the offerings/ honorarium be given to Pastor Damian immediately before his departure. If this is not possible, please overnight it the next day to Pastor Damian at the following address: PO Box 551143, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355 .
  • Please make all checks out to: Rise Up Global, Inc.
  • We ask that a separate check for travel reimbursement be issued to help with our accounting. You will receive all travel information at least three weeks prior to arrival. All travel and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of host church. The reimbursement check should be mailed as soon as possible in order to meet the needs of our accounting department.
  • If this is an honorarium event please let us know in advance what the honorarium set aside will be. Pastor Damian believes in using wisdom, respect, and honor in all situations concerning finances.


Casting the Vision:
Rise Up Global Ministries touches lives around the USA and world. The following are ministries and projects that Rise Up Global Ministries and Pastor Damian are involved in and support. Pastor Damian would like an opportunity to share for 3-5 minutes before the offering is taken on at least one or more occasions. The Senior Pastor or leader can deem the appropriate time. During this time Pastor Damian would like to share about projects Rise Up Global Ministries is involved with at this time. They are very dear to our heart.

Overseas Ministry – It is our passion to take the Gospel to all corners of the World. Rise Up Global Ministries is heavily involved in casting the vision with international missions. We currently have open doors in countries such as Columbia, Brazil, and various parts of Central and South America.