Making Disciples – Info

As much as we love seeing the lost receive Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior, we are also just as passionate in seeing them get plugged into the local church and make disciples! So many times the church preaches the Good News of Jesus Christ, the church sees the lost get saved, and then commits spiritual abortion by not taking in those new believers and growing them in the Lord!

May we become people who are passionate in reaching the lost, being the light of the world, and be people who make disciplined followers of Christ of those new believers. The best way for anyone to make strong, rooted followers of Jesus Christ is by reading and growing in the Word of God! This page and these resources are simply here to assist in your creativity and expand your knowledge in various methods of discipleship. Once again, any discipleship outside of digging deep into the Word of God is not of Jesus Christ, so run from that!

This page is strictly dedicated to seeing that happen, and making it a free resource for those who desire discipleship from the very beginning steps to deep discipleship. Since this page will be both a resource and an outsource of other great materials for discipleship, please bookmark this page on your web browser! This is a resource that our ministry started in discipling new believers and training young people in how to make disciples. Click here to see more information on more resources, or you can click on the discipleship picture below.


We believe in the mission of the church based on Acts 2:42-47. We use this model in our ministry, evangelism, outreach, discipleship,  training, and equipping the Body of Christ. If you want some guidance in how to run a small group bible study (which we call ‘Growth Groups’), please click here to find out more information and a template in how to do this in your very home. You can also click on the picture below to redirect you to the site.


There are some amazing resources and videos when learning the depths of the Christian faith, and we want to help you find the best and biblical resources possible! There are many wolves that appear in sheep’s clothing to try to deceive Christians. Our purpose through this resource is to expose the wolves, teach biblical truth, and direct you to other great biblical, Christ-centered, Gospel-centered resources. Click here to view a list of amazing videos and teachings from some of the top biblical scholars and leaders in the 21st century today!