Free Resources


Below are some of Damian’s BEST messages communicated to young people. These sermons are available for FREE download! There will also be a list of all his sermon series and leadership talks that will be available for purchase. As we update the website with new sermons and other media, stay connected by clicking here. The sermons are below for FREE DOWNLOAD:

1) RESET, pt. 1 – Brand New You (*part of a sermon series*)

2) Decisions Determine Your Destiny, pt. 2 (*part of a sermon series*)

3) You Got Served!

4) Where Was God When…

5) Unleashing Misfits – Firemen  (*part of a sermon series*)


*If you desire to acquire the other messages in the series, please visit our “Rise Up Global Online Store” by clicking here. Also, check out all the other messages listed on our website under “Digital Downloads.”  Merchandise, more books, and other items will be available soon! Thank you for your support!