About “Remnant Voices”

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Mercy Seat Evangelists or MSE is a new organization under the covering of Pastors Pat and Karen Schatzline, founders of Mercy Seat Ministries, (www.mercyseatministries.com) and author of the best selling book, “Why is God So Mad at Me?” (www.whyisgodsomadatme.com)

MSE is an elite team of evangelists hand picked by Pastors Pat and Karen Schatzline. If you are a pastor, camp director, or conference promoter you can be confident that a Mercy Seat Evangelist will be one you can count on.

Pastors Pat and Karen Schatzline founded MSE in 2012 with the help of Pastor Jeremy Donovan (Author, Evangelist and Youth Pastor). They came together with Pastor Donald Gibson (Senior Pastor of Mercy Gate Church) and Pastor Paul Owens (Senior Pastor of Fresh Start Church) as the leaders that oversee MSE. After the plan was laid out, Pastors Pat and Karen Schatzline went on a mission to find the top up and coming evangelists in the country.

In December of 2012, the team came together in Birmingham Alabama at Mercy Seat Ministries Headquarters and we launched Mercy Seat Evangelists together.
As a team of evangelists we are working together to reach this generation for Christ. We are one team, under the covering of Pastors Pat and Karen Schatzline, who are internationally known communicators and have over twenty-five years of ministry experience. All of us have our own individual ministries that you can see at www.mercyseatevangelists.com. Whichever Mercy Seat Evangelist you feel best fits your event, you can be confident that they are MSE, they have been hand picked and are being raised up by the leadership team of MSE. You cannot apply to be on the MSE team, this is a strategic group of evangelists put together to bring revival to a generation. The MSE team is not only in constant training and support; but as MSE we stand together in accountability, integrity, and spiritual growth.
You can be assured that if you choose MSE as a team or one of the individual evangelists for your event that we have been preparing together to see the presence of God move in every event and for lives to be changed.

Check out MSE at www.mercyseatevangelists.com. We are excited to partner with you in reaching this generation for God!